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May 10th, 2019, 11:55 pm

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Box 2 is not completed, as Rev. Service did not choose to have any voluntary income tax withholding, but rather paid estimated taxes directly. If the church withheld income taxes pursuant to a filed Form W-4, such amounts would be reported here. Box 3-6 should not have any entries (leave blank, do not insert "0"s). Baldwin County Employee Handbook - Approved 4/2/2013 Page III-3 Updated 12/202016 2. In-Voluntary Demotion Due to Reduction in Force: If an in-voluntary demotion is based on a reduction in force, the employee will be given consideration, based on seniority and work performance record, for future openings in higher job classifications. ("the Volunteer Handbook"). I understand that the information contained in the Volunteer Handbook constitutes management guidelines only, which may be added to, deleted, or changed from time to time at the discretion of Nemaha Valley Community Hospital. I recognize that neither the Volunteer Handbook nor any other communication, either written The Church Treasurer's Handbook forwards a clear, user-friendly, comprehensive guide to the duties and responsibilities of church and charity treasurers that will prove a godsend to all who undertake this task which, though voluntary, demands a high level of professionalism due to the increasingly stringent requirements of the Charity Commissioners. 11. You may by law deduct and retain from each item remitted, 2% of the value of the property you are remitting or $25, whichever is less (L). For some types of property you may deduct and retain 2% or $25, whichever is more (M). Please refer to the Property Code/Property Description & Dormancy Period Chart, on the back of Form A. The amount OFFICE OF TREASURER & TAX COLLECTOR SUPPLEMENTAL EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK 2 Section: Introduction ABOUT THIS HANDBOOK This handbook is provided for your use as a ready reference and as a summary of the Office of Treasurer & Tax Collector's (the Department's) personnel policies, work ru

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