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May 10th, 2019, 11:57 pm

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If the vents aren't pumping air over top your DIY air freshener, it won't move that scent around your home. But this time of year, when the weather is cold and the air inside can often feel stale, this little trick is nothing sort of bliss. 24 Ct. New Car Trees. Get back that fresh off the showroom floor with "New Car Scent" Little Trees air fresheners. One of the top 10 Fragrances for over a decade. Little Tree is the brand most customers go to when they want their car to smell fresh again. This New Car Little Tree car air freshener has a popular masculine fragrance. DIY all natural, chemical-free Air Freshener Plug In Refill. she says you can use any plug-in freshener for this diy hack. DIY Air Freshener Plug In Refill - Aromeco Air Freshener Car Wardrobe Freshener Toilet Freshener Room Freshener Handbag Freshener Scented Sachet Luxury Fragrance - Berries, Delight, Tropical Present Pack of 3 No matter how long it has been since a sippy cup filled with milk or soymilk has been in my car, I swear I can still catch a whiff of it whenever my car air freshener wears off. I like to buy the Yankee Candle Air Fresheners but they haven't been lasting as long as I would like so I decided to try one on my own. I've done a few posts on natural ways to eliminate odors, but these DIY gel air fresheners just might be my favorite!They're easy to make, you can customize them with any scent you prefer, and they're very nice to look at! :-) The process is so simple, you can easily make a bunch of air fresheners in just a few minutes. You want it to be neat, clean and filled with good scents. A car freshener is a must have, but store-bought car fresheners often have a repulsive aroma, having a counter-productive effect. Lucky for you, we've found 11 DIY car fresheners that you can make yourself, using only the aromas you actually like! How to Make a Car Air Freshener. While you could buy cheap air fresheners from the store, there is something satisfying about making you

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